pianist and music director

New Theatre presents Bathhouse: The Musical!

New Theatre presents Bathhouse: The Musical!

September, 2016

Newtown New Theatre, Sydney Fringe Festival 2016. 

Music Director
Australian Premiere

Antonio Fernandez was the musical director of the Australian Premiere of Evanicki's cult musical Bathhouse: The Musical! Directed by Alex Robson, the production team received great acclaim for their clever and innovative rendition of the show from critics and audiences alike. Specifically, Antonio was well-received for both his musical direction and superior accompaniment which ensured that the production was equal parts ridiculous and captivating. 

More information about the production can be found here.

... a vibrant accompanist (Antonio Fernandez on piano) ensures that the show is kept cohesive and jaunty.
— Suzy Wrong (Sydney Theatre Reviews: Suzy Goes See)
Underneath the flamboyance, there’s some genuinely great songs (kept together by Fernandez’s incredible talent as an MD) and witty writing.
— Matthew Raven (The Buzz From Sydney: Theatre Reviews)
... fabulously camp and crass!
— Cec Busby (GNN: Gay News Network)