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The Things I Could Never Tell Steven: A Video and a Review

For the last month, I had the pleasure to music direct The Things I could Never Tell Steven at the New Theatre for the Sydney Fringe 2017. The show received great praise from critics and audiences alike. I believe it is relevant here to stress the importance of presenting Australian plays, and even more, when they are of such high quality as Jye's magnificent work. 

This is what the reviewers said about the show: 

"The show is slick. The four performers – Matilda Moran, Ruth Strutt, Adam Majsay and Lucas Glover – demonstrate serious vocal prowess, balancing 90 minutes of almost exclusively sung material with superb characterisation. A shout out to MD Antonio Fernandez, whose piano accompaniment is both skilful and impressive. While the solos are strong, I’m always a sucker for the chorus numbers. " - Fringe Talk
"Delicately balancing themes of love, lust, obsession and disappointment, Bryant has crafted an emotional roller coaster that powers between comedy and intense drama within the 19 songs that encompass the show’s 70-minute runtime. His music is mature in its emotional honesty without falling into the trap of being unnecessarily glib and gives each of the four cast members a huge amount of character to sink their teeth into." - The Buzz from Sydney

Check also this video, featuring Ruth Strutt in her critically acclaimed role as the Mother. Laughs ensured, but warning: it includes some strong language and mild sexual references. As they said in the famous podcast: pretty much, all the good things.

If that video spiked your curiosity, be sure to check Jye Bryant's Youtube Channel, where he has uploaded our rendition of the show.

Antonio Fernandez