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[REVIEW] Sydney Arts Guide reviews Misery Loves Cabaret - Bondi Feast


Shannen Sarstedt's new cabaret show, Misery Loves Cabaret, debuted at the Bondi Feast to great acclaim. The show offered us a glimpse into the life of Yves, a tortured torch singer who has never experienced a heartbreak and finds herself forced to sing the same sad songs over and over, attracted to them like a "famous child to amphetamines".

In an attempt to portray the main idea of the show ("what came first, the sadness or the music?"), my approach to creating the music world her character inhabited aimed towards blending very recognisable power-pop and other pop hits from the 80s and 90s with the melancholic sonority of Satie, Debussy and more modern composers like Yann Tiersen. Thus, all times hit Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division turned into a minimalistic waltz of french reminiscence, Satie's famous Gnosiennes were used to underscore some of the darkest moments of the story and Debussy's Clair de Lune got transformed into a gritty detectivesque walking bass stravaganza. 

Sydney Arts Guide published the following review following our last performance. Here is an excerpt of the review.

Shannen Sarstedt has the virtuosity to sing torch songs, but mischievously plays with our expectations in selecting mainly late 20th century songs, some of which were actually happy.

Her appealing, very playful performance was enhanced by the warm, understated and sympathetic playing of pianist Antonio Fernandez.
— Ben Apfelbaum - Sydney Arts Guide



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