pianist and music director

Performance Space presents Holcombe Waller's Requiem Mass

Performance Space presents Holcombe Waller's Requiem Mass: LGBT / Working Title

February, 2016

Carriageworks, Sydney - Day for Night: 24 Hours festival

Keyboardist and rehearsal pianist
Australian premiere

Holcombe Waller's stunning Requiem Mass: LGBT / Working Title featured a community choir made of volunteers who came together to 'invoke remembrance and peace for the dead who have suffered persecution for their sexual orientation or gender expression.' One of the most special aspects of Holcombe's work is its improvisational character. Antonio performed a keyboard part that was not notated in a classical way, but suggested with indications such as "new-age" or "wavy", covering a whole range of styles from cantata-like counterpoint, to soul and R&B. This offered a chance for Antonio to extend his creative expression under the guidance of Holcombe's masterful artistic vision.

You can visit the project page here.

Also, have a look at Holcombe Waller's site, where you can check his projects and future concerts.

Photographs courtesy of Hospital Hill.