pianist and music director

Songs for Sarah Connor

Songs for Sarah Connor

February, 2016

Newtown New Theatre -  Short and Sweet Cabaret Festival 2016

Music director/performer

Songs for Sarah Connor is a cabaret show written for the stage by writer/performer/producer Alastair Tomkins. The show premiered in Sydney in a reduced version for the Short and Sweet 2016 Cabaret Festival, to great acclaim of critics and public. 

For this show, Antonio as music director was specially hired to arrange the songs for the reduced version of the show and to adapt the music from the reference materials provided by the author. Antonio's position as music director was also incorporated into the performance and he appeared onstage in the role of a highly anxious music director. The show was selected finalist of the festival, and was performed at Newtown's own New Theatre and the iconic Slide in Oxford Street to a packed house.

You can visit the official page of Songs for Sarah Connor in the following link.

I had the good fortune to work with Antonio as part of a series of performances at a 2016 festival. He was everything my show needed from a Musical Director – focussed, professional, skilled and easy to work with. I highly recommend Antonio for any future projects as an accompanist or MD.
— Alastair Tomkins. Writer/performer/producer. “Songs for Sarah Connor”