pianist and music director

The Things I Could Never Tell Steven - A Musical by Jye Bryant

The Things I Could Never Tell Steven - A musical by Jye Bryant


September, 2017

Newtown New Theatre - Sydney Fringe Festival 2017

Music Director/Pianist

Directed by Alex Robson
Produced by Jye Bryant

The Things I Could Never Tell Steven is a musical written for the stage by Australian composer and writer Jye Bryant. Throughout the play, we hear about the experiences and stories of Steven's closest family members - his wife, his mother, his father and his ex-boyfriend, which will offer us an insight into Steven's own life and feelings. Thanks to its revue style, its intelligent writing and beautiful score, the play unravels through a series of tableaux, offering a great amount of emotional depth whilst dragging us into the life and doings of a character that is never revealed. This interesting concept invites us, the audience, to think about ourselves and the way we communicate with our closest ones, our dreams and aspirations, as well as our secrets and veiled frustrations.

The show comes now for a new season to the New Theatre in Newtown, after an incredibly successful season in 2015. 

For more information about the show, please visit the official page here.