pianist and music director

Twelfth Night - Felt Tip Theatre Company

Twelfth Night - Felt Tip Theatre Company

May, 2017

Felt Tip Theatre Company - The Armidale School

Music Director and composer

Directed by Alex Robson

Director Alex Robson comes back to Armidale for the final production of acclaimed young theatre company Felt Tip Theatre Company. With Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, the journey of this inspirational theatre company comes to an end, after bringing top quality and education to regional audiences for years. 

In this gender-swap comedy, music plays a really important role ('If music be the food of love...'), but as it was tradition, no music material was ever written. For this production, Antonio was in charge of supervising the interactions between music and text, a music he was commissioned to compose based on Shakespeare's text. Antonio used a compositional style that allowed for the play to remain overly a light-harted shakespearian comedy, reserving the moment of insightful drama for the very last song, a touching lullaby sang by Feste from the piano (pictured above) that reveals the overall ethos of the play: a cry for the vapid emotional hopelessness of the characters and the desperation of the wise who cannot act but merely observe, disguised as the anti-hero of the cliched clown.

Photography by Terry Cooke