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USYD: Zodiac Project Guest Lectures

USYD: Zodiac Project Guest Lectures


November, 2015

Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Master of Composition (Prof. Paul Stanhope)

Guest Lecturer

Antonio Fernandez was invited by esteemed composer and professor Paul Stanhope to deliver a series of workshops on composition for piano, extended techniques and best practice. As part of their master's capstone project, the students would work closely with Antonio on the creation of a set of pieces inspired by the symbology of the Zodiac. The work included preparing lectures, assessing students work, follow-up sessions and workshops where students could hear Antonio perform their pieces receiving immediate feedback and suggestions. The initiative showed a great example of the work-flow between performer and composer, a relationship of collaboration that has been at the very core of music creation since its origins. 

The project concluded with a recital delivered by Antonio where all the pieces were premiered, recorded and assessed. 

Here is an example of the works presented, Aries by Patrick Baker, which using extended techniques and alternative notation, draws over the constellation of Aries to create a sound landscape using plucked strings and restricted improvisation.