pianist and music director



March, 2016

Art not Apart Festival, Canberra


In March 2016, I was commissioned by the Art not Apart festival in Canberra to create an interactive music installation. The challenge was to present a work that utilised the foyer of the iconic Hotel Hotel and the extensive amount of foot traffic passing through. In order to bring both together, I aimed to capture the moment in time by inviting bystanders to produce an idiosyncratic sound clip of the space through improvised performances. The project utilised not only the keyboard, but extended piano techniques such as plucking the strings, muting overtones and body percussion. The installation captured media attention with several mentions in newspapers and blogs. The festival attracted over 15,000 attendees and is one of the most influential art festivals in the ACT.

For more information about the festival, click here.

For a video showing how the process works go to my youtube channel.


This is great, I had never received an applause in my life before.
— Workbench participant
I can’t play, I don’t have rhythm!
— He was wrong. Workbench participant